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Business Essentials

Welcome to a great line of products-Easy to use, they will help you be more organized, and add polish and professionalism to your image and presentation.

Snakeskin Business Card Holder

Nice quality envelope style business card holder in a faux snakeskin design and bright springy colors!  Snaps closed. 

Item #BES34     $2.99 each


Lookin Good Business Card Holder

Shiny black faux leather embossed in a moc croc design, magnetic closure opens to reveal two pockets for business or credit cards plus a mirror.  Also attached is a handy keychain.  Embroidered w/ "lookin' good" in white. Nice quality!

Item #JCS13     $4.99 ea

Big Money

Look, it's back!  Big bills, 15 each denomination.  4"x9"

(1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, and 100's)

Item #BES03     $1.99 ea


Little Money

These are great for games, sponsoring activities, etc.  80 bills total (approx 15 of each denomination and a few extra 1's).  1.75"x4.25" + now includes 20 assorted "coins" too!

Item #BES04     $1.49 / set

Bling Pen

Beautiful writing pen, covered in sparkly crystals.  Limited quantities available, your choice pink or clear

Item #BES33     $5.99 ea

temporarily out of stock

Gemstone Magnets

Shiny faceted faux gem magnets.

Set of 4 as pictured - rounds are approx. 1"

Item #GIF29     $1.49/set

Jewel Calculator

Full function calculator with sparkly jewel buttons and a CLEAR color frame.  Great for your shows!  3.5" tall x 2.75" wide

Frame is Clear, not pink as pictured.  Asst color buttons

Item #BES27     $4.99 ea

temporarily out of stock

Gems, Gems, Gems!!!

Attach these little sparkly shapes to business cards, catalog covers, you name it!  They add a little something extra to make you stand out!

Peel and stick adhesive back.  Assorted shapes, colors and sizes.  Avg. size 1/2 inch.

Item #BES01     $1.75 (pkg. of approx 50)

temporarily out of stock

Regular "Diamond" Paperweight

Beautiful clear color, multi facets.  Approx 2.25" diameter across the top.  Nice gift!

Item #AWA81     $3.99 ea Sale $2.99 each

temporarily out of stock





Red Purple Floral


Floral w/ birds

Money Bag

You can always use a money bag to keep receipts and show money in, this makes a super downline gift too.  Zipper closure, same size as a "bank bag".  Microfiber fabric

Item #AWA62     $1.99

BIG Diamond Paperweight

Extra large and sparkly!  Nice gift for any girl who loves bling!  Measures 3" across.

Item #AWA81B     $4.99 each

temporarily out of stock

Catalog Keepers 

Are you tired of having your catalogs scattered everywhere at the end of a show, or worse yet, having them "walk out the door"?

If so, then you will love these catalog keepers!  They fit into any standard 3 ring binder or we recommend the lighter weight and less expensive folders (like the one shown here).  Your catalogs will be protected and look more like part of your permanent show folders.

Attach in 3 easy steps

1:  Separate keepers (there are 12 in a pkg)

2:  Slide catalog through slot to middle       

3:  Insert keeper into binder, you're done!   

You can even use more than one keeper in a binder to hold catalogs and seasonal supplements neatly behind each other.  

Item #BES02     $4.99 Set of 12 keepers

(catalogs and folders not included)

temporarily out of stock





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