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Gift Certificates

These are a terrific gift for your downline, upline, jeweler friends, etc.!  Available in several common amounts and also custom amounts for special occasions.  Simply purchase certificates in as part of your order, they are good for a year, and are redeemable for any combination of items on our site!

Certificates will be shipped with your order, and you will be able to fill in the recipient's name, occasion, etc.  They are in a nice envelope and instructions for redeeming are included.

This certificate is in any $ amount you choose, it will increase in $ increments.  For example, if you wanted an $18 certificate as a reward for $1800 in sales, you would add this item to your cart, then in the cart change it's value to $18 and click the recalculate button at the bottom of that page.

Item GCE01     $1.00

Item GCE10     $10.00

Item GCE25     $25.00

Item GCE50     $50.00

Item GCE75     $75.00

Item GCE100      $100.00


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