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Jewelry Accessories - Necklace Extenders Bracelet Extenders, Foldover Extenders Magnetic Converters , etc. for Necklaces and Bracelets

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Bracelet Fastener

The handiest little tool to help you fasten bracelets - by yourself!    Nice gift for hostesses and guests.

Assorted colors

Item #JAC01   $1.99 ea

temporarily out of stock

Earring Converters

Set of 4 (2 silver, 2 gold) easily convert post earrings into clip on style

Item #JAC03     $1.25/set

temporarily out of stock

Foldover Necklace Extender

Beautiful crystals 3" long, gold or silver pl

Item #EXT01     $1.99 each

Lobster Claw Adjustable Extender

Extends up to 3", gold or silver pl

Item #EXT02     $.99 each


  Magnetic Converter/Extender

Gold or Silver Plated

Have you ever had that necklace or bracelet that is just too hard to fasten or maybe fits just a little too tight?  Here's the solution-----  Convert it to a magnetic closure!!

Makes getting ready in the morning easier, and you don't need that extra help with your jewelry!    Great for arthritic hands too!

For necklaces & bracelets!  Gold only right now

Item #TRB12     $1.99 SALE

Figure 8 extender

Easy way to extend bracelets or necklaces about an inch.  Fits most lobster & spring ring styles.  Available in silver or gold

Item #TRB99     $.99 each

Gold only right now

Toggle Bracelet Extenders Are Here!

Now Everyone Can Wear Toggle Styles!

Dimensions: Approx. 1" Long Total, Bar is approx. 7/8" wide, Ring is 1/2" outside dia. (size very close to Inheritance Br.)

Silver or Gold Pl    Item #TRB02     $1.99

Easy Instructions: 

Bar Style:  Slide toggle bar on the bracelet through the ring of the extender first, then wrap bracelet around wrist. Clasp by sliding the toggle bar on the extender through the ring of the bracelet. Bars should then be on top of the rings for a very comfortable fit!

Lobster Style Toggle Extender now in gold!

Extra secure way to extend a toggle bracelet

Silver or Gold Pl     Item #TRB22     $1.99

Instructions for Lobster Style Clasp:  You can wear this style two ways!  1:  Clip lobster onto the big ring of the bracelet (from the side, it is narrower), then put the bracelet bar through the ring of the extender.  2:  My personal favorite, clip lobster onto any link on the bracelet chain behind the big ring, then put the bracelet bar through the ring of the extender in the usual way.  This way you can adjust the size, and have a dangling ring and charm! Really cute!











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