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Mini Purses

all are approx. 4" long x 2" across the bottom, they are 4" high total (with handle), great for holding small treasures - change, lipstick, etc. Price is for 1 purse, the picture is to show the color range that each style comes in .  We will send the best assortment possible in your order.


Glitter Leopard Mini Purse

Leopard spots on a solid smooth glittery background. Assorted, 4" long

Item #MPM04     $1.99 each purse!

Texture Sparkle Mini Purse

Metallic finish, shiny sparkle on a faux texture background.  Assorted colors, 4" long

Item #MPM96     $1.99 each purse!

Glitter Solid Mini Purse

Solid color, sparkly glitter in pretty colors.  Assorted, 4" long

Item #PUR06     $1.99 each purse!

Croc Mini Purse

Patent faux leather w/ an embossed croc design.  Assorted colors, 4" long

Item #MPM78     $1.99 each purse!

Puppies Mini Purse

Cute puppies of assorted breeds on floral backgrounds.  Assorted, 4" long

Item #MPM74     $1.99 each purse!

Kittens Mini Purse

Cute kittens on floral backgrounds. Assorted, 4" long

Item #PUR05     $1.99 each purse!

Assorted Mini Purse

The Assorted Mini Purses are fine, first quality, they are just the combined few we have left from oodles of popular styles that sold out quickly.  You will love them!

Several different styles, 4" long, snaps closed, fun surprise assortment.

Item #MIN99   $1.99 each


Mini Purse Tree

A fun way to display your mini purses at a show!  Black powdercoat finish metal.  Sturdy!  Stands 16" tall

Item #MIN01     $13.99 ea    Sale 11.99!

temporarily out of stock







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