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Help with viewing our latest sales and Shopping Cart Info


Having problems viewing the new items or sale prices you saw in one of our emails?

If you subscribe to our mailing list and new items and/or the special prices aren't showing up when you enter our store, we can help! 

It is most likely a browser problem.  We have a one time fix or can show you how to fix it permanently for all websites you visit.  For the one time fix, simply click your refresh button (the little green arrows) in the menu bar of your browser window.  You will need to refresh each page you visit. 

For a permanent fix (this will always give you the most updated info on all websites!) If you are using Internet Explorer, click the Tools button on your browser's menu bar.  From the dropdown menu, click Internet Options.  On the General tab, under "Browsing History" if you use Internet Explorer 7 (It will be under "Temporary Internet Files" instead if you use IE 6), click the Settings button.  Then be sure to Click Check for Newer Versions of stored pages Every Time I Visit The Page

This is a one time fix that will keep you updated on all sites!


Shopping Cart Info:

We have a great shopping cart for your ease and convenience.  We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).  For those who prefer to pay with an echeck or Paypal, it is still available, just click the Express Checkout logo.  Thank you!

If you are having problems with the shopping cart, there are some solutions below, or we are happy to take your order over the phone. If you would like, you can even email us your phone # and a good time to call you!


If the buttons in the checkout (Continue and Pay Now) are ever too low on the screen for you to click :

This is very likely a browser problem.  Try "dragging down" (hold down your mouse button to highlight all the info until you get low enough to click on the buttons), or you can also resize the screen view by clicking the square button between the minimize and X in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you use Internet Explorer, you can also go back and forth between the cart and site, by clicking on them in the blue bar at the bottom of your screen.

If the "add to cart" or "view cart" buttons don't seem to work:

Do you have a Pop-Up Blocker?  It may be reading the shopping cart as a pop-up.  If you can temporarily turn the blocker off that should fix the problem.   This can usually be done from the Tools option on your browser.   If not, we are happy to take your order via email or over the phone.  We will even call you to save any phone charges if you would like us to.  Just email us your # and a good time to call.  customerservice@allabouthomeshows.com   or 1-970-560-5995

If this doesn't fix the problem, please let us know, we are sorry for the inconvenience.  We are working with paypal to see if there is a way to correct this.




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